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Hair color for men - BLACK

Hair color for men - BLACK

Hair color for men - BLACK

100% natural hair color for men

  • natural hair dye
  • with regenerative properties

Henna revives natural hair color and covers gray hair.

Dyeing hair with Henna will not damage your hair and will last for a long time.

Apart from its dyeing effects, Henna is also regenerative and will provide your hair with necessary vitamins. After applying Henna your hair will be shiny and elastic. In addition to that it has a beneficial effect on the scalp and works preventively against dandruff. Henna restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp without affecting the natural balance of your hair and therefore fights dundruff.

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Popis: Hair color for men - BLACK

  • improved formula for dyeing and regeneration of your hair

Package includes

  • 2 bags of hair color - the total content of 33 g
  • protective gloves
  • plastic cap
  • instructions for use

The content of the box can be used for 1-2 applications depending on the length of your hair.

Henna is a 100% natural hair color and apart form its coloring effects it also has restorative and healing effects.

Henna provides your hair with necessary vitamins which will give your hair brilliant shine.Moreover, Henna fights dandruff and is very suitable for allergic skin and hair diseases.

The application of Henna hair color is not associated with any health risks and is a great alternative to chemical dyes.

The displayed colors are indicative only. The resulting effect always depends on your original,individual hair color and its quality (e.g. gray hair, previously chemically dyed hair, etc.).

Fine or very light hair take the color faster and more intensively than dark and strong hair. The darker the natural color of your hair, the less significant is the change of color after using Henna.